ELPRO Cloud Starter Kit for wireless temperature monitoring

Radio Connection

ECOLOG-PRO RBR Communication Module

  • Communication module for radio measurement modules; 868 MHz or 916 MHz available.
  • It has a RJ45 and a power supply connector. (AC adapter and Ethernet cable not included.)

ECOLOG-PRO 1NTR Measurement Module

  • Radio measurement module with one built-in NTC temperature probe; 868 MHz or 915 MHz available
  • Temperature range -35 °C..+50 °C (with optional LiFe batteries), -10 °C..+50 °C (with Alkaline batteries)

The ELPRO Cloud Starter Kit contains everything you need to set up a professional GxP-compliant temperature monitoring solution with ELPRO Cloud:

  • Communication module ECOLOG-PRO RBR (TechnicalSpecifications)
  • 2x wireless temperature data logger ECOLOG-PRO 1NTR (Technical Specifications)
  • 2x coupons for the operation of both loggers for one year standard configuration) in ELPRO Cloud
  • Ethernet + power cable

Production Calibration Certificate, including 3 points electrical calibration (-35 °C, 0 °C, +50 °C) and 3 calibration points in thermal bath (0 °C, +15 °C, +25 °C), can be easily downloaded here: http://compliance.elpro.com

Annual calibration

This is how we ensure that your ELPRO cloud is always calibrated and compliant.

  1. You will receive an email reminder approximately one month before the next calibration.

  2. Replacement sensor: You can order a new sensor and connect it to the existing ELPRO Cloud base station. 

  3. And you are GxP compliant again ✓.

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