LIBERO GS (Box of 10)

  • Wireless Data logger with internal temperature sensor
  • Temperature range -30 °C..+70 °C
  • Single-use device
  • Lifetime: 110 days
  • Memory capacity: 16'000 values
  • Delivered in boxes of 10 pieces

Available March 2021 - pre-order now!

LIBERO GS is the real-time logger that simplifies the temperature monitoring of your shipments. The internal temperature sensor is highly accurate and comes with a 100% sensor calibration. With an ensured runtime of 110 days, LIBERO GS is ideal for the global distribution of temperature sensitive products. Allowing to set multi-level alarm criteria, but also does LIBERO GS monitor light and location as well as movement of the shipment. In addition to temperature, LIBERO GS monitors light and location as well as movement of the shipment. LIBERO GS features a powerful, interactive display to facilitate your shipment process. LIBERO GS uploads all measured data automatically to a save cloud environment where all shipments are monitored. LIBERO GS ideally complements the existing (USB) data logger portfolio and is fully compatible with the existing cold chain database solution. The automatic flight detection and the abandonment of lithium batteries allows the usage for airfreight without cumbersome dangerous goods declaration. Up to 16.000 temperature values can be stored on the logger to temporarily buffer measurement data. At the end of the shipment release products directly based on the OK or ALARM status on the display and download the PDF report from the cloud.

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