LIBERO CS (Box of 40)

  • Multi-level PDF Logger with internal NTC probe
  • Single use
  • Up to 8 temperature alarm zones, alarm on MKT and logging time
  • Delivered in boxes of 40 pieces
  • Connection: USB, generates PDF with alarm statistics and graph
  • Expiry date according to label (auto-expiry)

LIBERO CS is the PDF Logger that simplifies the shipment process for products with known stability data. Supporting up to eight alarm levels, MKT and duration as alarm criteria, the LIBERO CS allows the user to create temperature profiles for individual products. No need to keep different loggers in stock, simply apply the correct configuration profile and add shipment information at the time of use and send off the logger. No equipment and no software is required. Release products based on the OK or ALARM status on the display, download the PDF report and forward it to the sender or to liberoMANAGER, ELPRO’s cold chain database, for further analysis.

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