• Multi-level PDF Logger with internal probe for direct placement in dry ice
  • Single use
  • Measuring range: -95 °C..+50 °C
  • Up to 8 temperature alarm zones, and alarm on logging time
  • Connection: USB, generates PDF with alarm statistics and graph
  • Expiry date according to label (auto-expiry)

Dry ice is commonly known to reach temperatures of -78.5 °C, so most dry ice data loggers work to -80.0 °C. If you regularly have dry ice shipments, you might wonder why you reach temperatures below that limit. The fact is dry ice can reach temperatures far below -80.0 °C during a regular shipment. Temperatures colder than -80.0 °C in dry ice can occur because of vibration or pressure differences, both things that are likely to happen during your shipment. That’s why we designed the LIBERO CD dry ice data logger to measure even the lowest temperature we have seen occurring in dry ice shipments and added on some extra to measure as low as -95.0 °C, so you can ship dry ice without needing to worry.

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