Radio Connection

External temperature/humidity probe is available here


Make sure that you have defined the sensor's settings in the ELPRO Cloud software and that the "Add sensor" wizard shows the image displayed above. This gives you a 10 minutes time frame to connect your module via the following steps:

  1. Remove the screw on the front and open the measurement module's cover.
  2. Insert the three AA batteries.
  3. Bring the measurement module ECOLOG-PRO 1THR in close proximity (approximately 10 cm) to an ECOLOG-PRO RBR connected to ELPRO Cloud.
  4. Press and hold the "Connect" button inside the measurement module for more than 3 seconds. The left LED will blink red 3 times.
    1. Wait until the left LED starts flashing red (once per second).
    2. A successful connection will be indicated by the left LED illuminating in green for 10 seconds. Afterwards, the left LED will be flashing green every 10 seconds.
  5. Close the communication module's cover and tighten the screw. Place the module in its intended location (e.g. laboratory, storage room, etc.).

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