ECOLOG-PRO RBR - Communication module

Radio Connection
  • Communication module for radio measurement modules; 868 MHz or 915 MHz available
  • It has a RJ45 and a power supply connector. (AC adapter and Ethernet cable not included.)

The ECOLOG-PRO RBR (radio bridge) connects with wireless ECOLOG-PRO data loggers and sends encrypted measurement data to ELPRO Cloud. Set-up is easy and only takes a few minutes. Simply use an Ethernet cable to connect the ECOLOG-PRO RBR to the Internet via a modem/router/LAN, and register the loggers to your ELPRO Cloud account. Thanks to the radio band used the ECOLOG-PRO RBR provides excellent reach and can connect up to 50 wireless loggers. ECOLOG-PRO RBR provides a highly reliable, dynamic connection between data loggers and ELPRO Cloud, ensuring no gaps in your data. 

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