ECOLOG-PRO 1THGi (ElproCLOUD Vouchers for sensor/license are required)

Wireless IoT Data logger with combined temperature / humidity probe for elproCLOUD

ECOLOG-PRO 1THGi is an easy and versatile solution to monitor your valuable goods stored in refrigerators, freezers or ambient conditions. Battery-operated and wireless, cellular network ensure plug and play – set-up is easy and only takes a few minutes. Simply register the sensor on your elproCLOUD account and place it in your room or equipment. A reliable internal storage capacity for thousands of measurements ensures all your valuable data are sent to elproCLOUD. The elproCLOUD web application aggregates all your sensor data to provide a convenient, comprehensive overview, sending out alerts if alarm limits are breached.

Note:  2 x ELPRO Cloud Vouchers for the Software license of the logger (one each for the two sensors of the logger for one year standard configuration in ELPRO Cloud will be required). If you do not have licenses you can order Vouchers through the online shop.

Product type: Wireless IoT Datalogger
Logger/module type: Wireless temperature / humidity logger
Probe type: Internal temperature and humidity probe
Typical application area: Equipment Monitoring, Room Monitoring
Measurement parameters: Temperature / Humidity
Measurement  temperature range: -30°C … +55°C
Measurement  humidity range: 0 %RH..100 %RH
Usage: Multiple Use
Alarm: Alarm thresholds
Connectivity: Cellular LTE-M and NB-IoT networks
Roaming Global Roaming
Life time: 14 months (can be prolonged by exchanging batteries)
Memory capacity: 31'000 measurement values (equals 215 days with 10 min measurement interval)
Software: ELPRO Cloud
Calibration certificate (3-points); additional calibration points or ISO 17025 certification available, Validation Certificate


Technical Specifications

Operational Manual 

Calibration Certificate

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